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Camille Roux

Hi! I'm a creative coder and generative artist from the South of France. I love jamming with code and math concepts.


I did a "classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles" in physics and chemistry then became a computer science engineer in 2008. I've code for more than 20 years.
I'd been Back end developer, mainly in Ruby on Rails for many years. Then, I have been an entrepreneur for 10 years.

Discovery of generative art

I love to have an hobby and spend a lot of time on it. Just before generative art, I was into music producing and wanted a more "improvised" hobby (I could spend 100 hours on a track). So I asked to a friend artist to teach me to draw. Very quickly, my focus changed : draw with pen and paper => iPad + Procreate => creative coding with p5

I started to be focused on creative coding at the end of September 2021. It reminded me generative music I was doing with synths, modular synths or even with code (with tools like Tidal Cycles, Sonic PI...). I started to watch creative coding libraries, main artists, follow people on instagram... I loved it and spend so much time on it (and it hasn't stop!)

Shortly after I learned p5. I started to publish my first works on Instagram. When I was watching Instagram profiles of generative artists I like, they very often had a link to foundation or HEN. I've no idea of what it was but I started to watch deeply.

I continued to learn then try to play with Hic et Nunc then mint my first piece. I followed HEN Discord recommendations and it sold out... and that wasn't expected at all! I loved to work on that simple piece, people seemed to like too... so I did it again. I learned a lot about NFT, genart, community... had fails... but learned a lot!

Then some people started to tell me "you should try fxhash, it's very new, and it should be perfect for you" at the end of 2021. After listening that multiple times, I watched what it is, and loved the concept. So I worked on my first fxhash project, SEA, the 85th project on fxhash and my first generative art project on blockchain.

Creation process

I like to jam with code like I'm used to do with music jam or improvisational theatre. I like to improvise without knowing where I am going.
Usually I start with a concept inspired my math or physics than I'm playing with it until the aesthetic arrives. I like to begin with an ugly sketch and live tweet all the steps like this:

Social profiles:

NFT on Tezos:
teia/hic et nunc

NFT on Ethereum:
Bright Moments
256 ART


Camille Roux