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The Source

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Water, the essence of life, is a marvel of versatility and beauty, manifesting in countless forms that inspire awe and wonder.

The Source aims to encapsulate this remarkable diversity by showcasing the myriad forms of water and the captivating reflections it creates.

This generative art project delves into the potential of machines to create organic and authentic art, emphasizing the intricate dynamics of water and the varied textures of watercolor, ink and pencil strokes.


The watercolor texture in The Source is a product of months of dedicated work and refinement. We focused on creating a detailed, organic, and realistic texture.
The final result is a carefully designed texture that enhances the authenticity of each piece in the series, demonstrating the potential of digital art to evoke the feel of traditional mediums.


The animated building process in The Source is designed to offer a reinterpretation of a timelapse of the painting process, providing a satisfying and visually engaging experience.
This animation enhances the overall experience by capturing the essence of artistic creation and connecting viewers to the dynamic transformation from a blank canvas to a fully-realized work of art.


The project includes 17 color palettes, each inspired by and named after a famous river from around the world. This homage to natural waterways imbues each piece with a sense of place and connection to the environment.
Additionally, the project incorporates 14 different water states, such as "agitated," "wavy," and "cascading." These states offer a diverse range of visual experiences, capturing the ever- changing and dynamic nature of water.

Traits Options
River St. Lawrence, Mississippi, Danube, Paraná, Amazon, Mekong, Rhine, Rhone, Yangtze, Volga, Murray, Ganges, Nile, Lez, Congo, Yoshino, Rio Negro
State Agitated, Still, Stirred, Powerful, Torrential, Wavy, Frozen, Melting, Icy, Splashed, Frosty, Whirling, Cascading, Chaotic
Pencil 6H, 2H, HB
Erased Pencil Mostly, Slightly, Untouched
Paper Color Black, White

A collaboration

The Source is a generative art project born from the collaboration of two long-time friends and artists, Camille Roux and Matthieu Segret, founder of Immutable Collective. With backgrounds in development, entrepreneurship, and a shared passion for generative art, the duo embarked on a long journey to create a unique series that explores the organic nature of generative art.

Brainstorming session (Matthieu on the left, Camille on the right)

Throughout the development of The Source, the duo participated in several artist residencies located near the sea or rivers. This immersive experience allowed the artists to draw inspiration directly from the beauty and movement of water while coding and refining the project.

Matthieu, who enjoys painting with watercolor and has a connection to the physical side of art, and Camille, who is fascinated by mathematics and shaders, have combined their passions to bring this series to life.


From the very beginning, our goal has been to ensure that the printed versions of The Source exhibit a realistic appearance. After numerous tests and experiments, we have achieved print results that have impressed even experienced watercolor artists.

We highly value the physical dimension of generative art. We'd be delighted if prints of The Source were to take place in apartments, exhibitions, museums... and if viewers were to enjoy them as much as we do.
To this end, we've made sure that you can print your pieces in the best possible conditions (see insert below).

Finally, once the drop has passed, we'll be launching a premium-quality print offer, with certificate of authenticity, for collectors, for a rendering faithful to our vision.

The Source should be printed with a fine art printer (like the Epson P900) on Hahnemühle German Etching 310 g/m² paper with a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

Press the p key for export dedicated to print (no paper texture and enhanced black contrast). We recommend increasing saturation by 10%.

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