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The Source: Building process from start to finish

A play-by-play of how each step in the process works

In this blog post, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of building a The Source edition.

1) Generate the SDF grid

The first step in the building process is generating the Signed Distance Function (SDF) of a grid. This SDF provides us with the distance to the nearest boundary. In the image below, areas that appear darker indicate proximity to a boundary.

2) Deform the grid

The second step involves deforming this grid using domain warping techniques, utilizing a combination of noises and mathematical formulas, adding a touch of complexity and organic charm to the artwork.


3) Create the paper texture

To create the paper texture, we generate a 3D surface using value noise algorithms. Then we apply lighting effects that interact with the surface, creating shadows that mimic the interaction of light on textured paper.

4) Draw pencil and black ink lines

Using the SDF, we can precisely determine where to draw the pencil and ink lines on the artwork. For instance, the ink lines are drawn near the boundaries of the deformed grid, where the SDF values are close to 0.


5) Paint with watercolors

The final step involves rendering the watercolor brushstrokes, still relying on the information provided by the SDF. The watercolor texture is dynamically evolving based on the distance to the boundaries and its position.


The Source will be dropped on July 31st to For more information, please visit the project page and follow us on Twitter: @matthieuart & @camillerouxart.


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