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Hardware wallet 101 for NFT artists (special royalties)

How to migrate from Temple/Kukai to hardware wallet like Ledger?

If you are an artist and started to drop NFTs with a software wallet (like Temple or Kukai), this blog post is for you!
First, please read the first episode of our hardware wallet 101 series.

Use a hardware wallet for royalties

When you're an artist you have something more than collectors: royalties. You're earning royalties every time one of your piece is sold on secondary market. Your wallet address is set forever in the smart contract (except for some rare platforms that allow to change it). You can't change it if the security of your wallet is compromised (ex: someone stole your seed).

So my advice is simple: start with an hardware wallet from day 1.

Camille... I already started with a soft wallet

Now you have a hard decision to take:

How to migrate from Temple or Kukai to an hardware wallet like Ledger

I did that mistake too. I minted multiple times on fxhash, hic et nunc and versum... I wanted to avoid changing wallet and having to recreate these profiles. My seed was saved in 1Password and use only in Temple on my computer. That's not safe enough, so I'm taking a risk.

If you're in the same situation, to do the migration you'll need 2 hardware wallets (in my case a Ledger Nano S and a Ledger Nano X). One to replace your software wallet (like Temple, Kukai...), another for everything else in the future. You have to use the first one as little as you can because you can't be sure the seed has not been compromised.

Temple wallet with my "current account" and my 2 Ledger

Step 1: Migrate your actual seed to an hardware wallet

Reminder: The seed used on this hard wallet may have been stolen and is not 100% safe at all. So do not create other wallets on this hard wallet.

Step 2: configure a safe hard wallet

You can follow the instructions of our first blog post for collectors. You will be able to put on this wallet all your precious things.

Hardware wallet 101 for NFT collectors
We all hear about scam, stolen ETH or NFT, ... It’s very important to take care of it. You’ll be able to find a lot of posts about that. But here are some simple rules to start: Be prudent with phishing and scams: ignore offers too good to be true, do

Here we go! You're safer now 🎉

Disclaimer: I'm not a security expert, so do not trust me. Please read other resources before doing anything and let me know if I wrote a mistake.


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