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Matthieu Segret

Hi! I am a French generative artist. I love the idea of using code to create a harmonious and poetic universe.


I have been a developer for more than 20 years. Passionate about code since the age of 13. I did a "classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles" in Maths and Computer Science then an engineering school where I met Camille. I am now an entrepreneur for more than 10 years. I like to learn regularly new technologies: Machine Learning, Elixir/Pheonix, Kubernetes, GraphQL, etc.


I have been sensitive to art for a long time. I've practiced painting on figurines for almost 10 years. I loved to create worlds, choose my colors, the staging of my characters. I ended up stopping this passion at the beginning of my studies to concentrate on computer science. However, I continued to attend many classical and modern art exhibitions and developed my sensitivity for art.

Generative art

Generative art was an obvious choice for me when I discovered it. It is the meeting of 2 of my passions. I love the idea of using code to create a harmonious and poetic universe.

Exchanging with other artists and discovering new works constantly brings me new ideas, concepts, techniques. I wish I had several lives to put them all together 😅


I started like many generative artists on fxhash with p5.js and TypeScript. I was quickly fascinated by the creation of textures generated by code: paper, paint, ink, fabric, etc. The possibilities were immense!

Paper World

In early January I launched a trilogy on the theme of travel and escape. The first part, Paper World, is a world made of colored paper collage. I had a lot of fun on this project. I'm glad that it met its public very quickly.

Paper World
PAPER WORLD [] is the first part of atrilogy. It’s a world made of paper collage where it is always daytime ☀️ I had a lot of fun trying to reproduce a paper texture to create a poeticuniverse. PAPER WORLD is a varied

Night World

On June 16th, the 2nd part of the trilogy, Night World  was released on fxhash. It is a world of night illuminated by its golden paint. In Night World I wanted to play with darkness and light. The gold paint can reflect differently depending on the lighting. The manipulation of a lamp with the mouse adds the feeling of lighting a night scene.

Night World
June 16th at 8pm CEST on fxhash

Nested World

These 2 projects were a success on fxhash. This gives me even more energy to develop the 3rd and last part of the series : Nested World.

This will be the merging of the previous two worlds into the same item. The world of night will appear last the world of paper in a subtle way ✂️ 🌈 ✨


Matthieu Segret